Justice Initiatives

The Planning Office for Urban Affairs, Inc. is a social justice organization that views decent, affordable housing as a fundamental right for all people, and a starting point for addressing the full range of human needs and potential. In that context, while housing development activities have always been the mainstay of its work, over the past 45 years the Planning Office has also been active is a wide variety of other social justice initiatives. This work was spearheaded by John J. Moynihan in concert with Msgr. Michael F. Groden, and often served to initiate a public dialogue about critical issues and challenges facing the Commonwealth, its communities and its residents. The leadership of the Planning Office on these issues of regional importance continues to influence public policy today.

Highlights of POUA's broad work in social justice initiatives include:

The Challenge to Leadership
The Justice and Peace Commission
The Massachusetts Fisherman's Partnership
The Metropolitan Education Center 
The New Paradigm for Housing in Greater Boston
Boston Harbor Lobster Cooperative