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Posts from June 2016

A whole new perspective

June 2016 - For decades, the view of downtown from the Bradford side of the Merrimack River was anything but impressive... But now the view from across the river is far different - and is catching the eyes of people who live and work in Bradford.

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Benefits of Harbor Place continue to increase

June 2016 - It seems the Harbor Place project will help Haverhill in more ways than you can count. There is the obvious gain of eventually having a complex occupied by people instead of the old Woolworth building, which stood empty for decades.

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A peek inside Haverhill’s time capsule

June 2016 - On Wednesday, creators of a time capsule to be opened in 25 years announced what the capsule will contain. When the people of Haverhill open the capsule in 2041, they will see a brick from the old Woolworth building, a 2016 Hillie T-shirt, and photos of downtown White's Corner as it looks now and as it looked in 1892.

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Greetings, Citizens of Haverhill 2041

June 2016 - If you're reading this story in 2041, you may have found it in a time capsule containing items from 25 years ago. The capsule was left in the Harbor Place project as it was being built downtown in 2016 to boost the city's economy.

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Haverhill time capsule creators announce items that will be inside

June 2016 - When the people of 2041 Haverhill open a time capsule, they will find a brick from the old Woolworth building and a Hillie T-shirt... At a ceremony Wednesday at the Pentucket Bank community room, Team Haverhill announced the time capsule will contain the Woolworth brick symbolic of the old building that was demolished to make way for Harbor Place.

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Time capsule of 2016 Haverhill

June 2016 - You are an adult and you've been invited to attend a time capsule unveiling at Harbor Place. You think back to your younger days in elementary school and try to recall what suggestions you and your classmates made then that might have wound up in the capsule.

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